Promotional Printing – What’s Requried for Business Success

Promotional printing is about a lot more than getting your business name or website on some pens and key rings and handing them out at the annual show. For this method to be not only effective but profitable for your business you need to be sure that you money is not going to waste and that any money spent is a future investment.

Promotional items are generally giveaways and although you may have an expendable budget for these items you want to be satisfied that they are giving back in some way.

How Promotional Items Work

In our minds we see people looking for our branded pen amongst hundreds of others to get our number, or a business card that is saved, or even a post card that gets read. In reality the majority of free promotional items are forgotten thirty seconds later or tossed in the trash in the weekly clean out.


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How Promotional Gifts Can Benefit Your Business

Everyone likes to receive something for nothing, and by giving away promotional gifts you are giving people just that impression. However, you are actually getting something in return for the gifts that you are giving, as you are building your brand’s reputation. Those who receive promotional gifts from you will think more favorably about your company, and in the long-term that translates into more sales. Therefore, it is a mistake to think that giving away promotional gifts is a waste of money, as they will eventually more than pay for themselves. An effective promotional gift should ideally be practical and useful to the customer, as the more times they use it, the more they will subliminally remember your company. For example, if your company gives away desk clocks, that look nice and work well, it is probable that the receivers of them will put it on their desk, or give it to one of their colleagues for their desk. Whenever you or a colleague wants to know the time, the clock will be looked at, and your company logo will be seen as well as the time.


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Why Your Company Needs a Free Call Number

If your company needs the general public to call you in order to place an order then having a toll free number really does make a big difference. Having one is also advisable if your company is based in a small town but you want to target customers on a state or national scale. People have more trust in toll free numbers than unfamiliar local ones, so the success of your marketing campaign can really be hindered by advertising a local number. With a toll free number, people will assume that you are an established, national company, even if you are not. Another benefit of toll free phone numbers is that they are portable, meaning that you can take the number with you if you move to a new office or rout calls to a different city if you want someone else to answer them instead of you or someone in your office. It really can be a number for life. Once you have it, the only way that you can lose is if you do not pay the annual subscription fee. Keeping the same phone number for years and years is a good idea because it increases the likelihood of you getting repeat orders from past customers, who have written down or saved the first phone number that they used to call you. You can find a company who specializes in selling toll free numbers by searching Google for the start of the number of the number that you want. If you are not sure what you want the first few digits of the number to be then you can just type ‘toll free numbers’ into Google and browse the numbers listed on the websites that are brought up. Using a specialist company is recommended because although your current phone company may well offer toll free numbers, they tend to charge higher rates. The reason being that they normally contact a specialist company on your behalf and then apply a mark-up to the price that they are quoted.


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Green Light for $90m Paper Mill

Australian Paper will go ahead with the construction of its proposed $90 million waste paper recycling plant at its Maryvale Mill in Victoria. The green light for the construction of the recycling plant has been given by its parent company Nippon Paper Group, in Japan. Australian Paper is the country’s only manufacturer of recycled office and printing paper. The company said the plant should triple its use of recycled fibre and is expected to enable the development of a new and innovative range of Australian-made recycled office, printing, envelope and stationery papers. The decision is expected to benefit local printing services and is also expected to generate 140 construction jobs for the area. The Victorian State Government will contribute a $9.5 million grant to the plant project. The project was described by Federal Minister for Industry and Innovation, Greg Combet, as the type of investment Australian manufacturers need to make to maintain their competitiveness and capture new opportunities.



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High quality drink coaster- a great way to advertise

Today there are various ways that a company and a businessman can do to promote and advertise their business, but among those choices what is really the best way to advertise a product?

Commercials, ad printing, posters, catalogues and leaflets are some of the ways that a company can do to let the people know about their product or services. Now, if you are not contented with those ways and you have tried all of those yet still looking for some effective and unique thing that you can do to promote and sell your product, why don’t you try promoting it with the use of drink coasters.

What is a drink coaster?

A drink coaster is not a cocktail drink, okay? Well it may sound like that but I’m so sorry to tell you because it is not something that you can drink or mix with the use of alcohol instead it is something that you can use to place your beverage in order to protect the table. Now, the question is how coaster can help promoting your business?

Here, at ready steady print we offer a printed coaster for you through our online printing services. You can have your logo to be placed on these coasters and you can use it for a give away. Doing that simple thing is a good example of marketing, because you ate promoting your company using a simple, unique, and something that your prospect buyers can use in their everyday lives.

What ready steady print can offer?

We offer high quality coasters and cheap printing services. We make sure that our materials are top quality and can last longer. We also make sure that we print the designs the way that you will greatly appreciate what is indicated to it. If there’s a picture, you will see how alive the picture is. Plus, we also allow our clients to give their designs if there’s any and we are the one make it perfectly fit with the coaster. Ready steady print works fast as well, and we deliver on time. We hate delays, and late so we are very sensitive in this matter.

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