Online printing speeds up everything!

Online printing is the quickest and easiest possible way of bringing up good things in your business in an affordable price, and a high quality outcome of all your orders. Accept it or not, internet nowadays gives us satisfactions regardless on everything the world has to offer. In just one browsing of that certain link via World Wide Web, in just a limit of .02 or .03 seconds, you can have a thousand results of the things you wish to know. The power of online machineries is almost beyond our control, for it has the power to upgrade and alter in just a minimum of one day. The rapid increased of highly and powerful things that internet can offer provides us with effortless, yet gratifications in all we wanted to achieve. Online orders and services are sometimes more favorable with that of an actual purchasing of specific things that your business requires. With just several click and visit of the website gives you a services that more likely the sane with that actual transactions. You can also see and check out many samples of a certain products via pictures compilation, videos, and even testimonials of those who prove that online services are indeed reliable and cost you lesser money.

Here at Ready Steady Print, we offer an online printing and services of all the products that papers and publications can produce. We offer the cheapest and fastest way of delivering your products before and just the exact time you needed it the most. Our online printing company offers everything, and you just could not ask for more. We are highly tested, proven and well organized online printing company. Ready Steady Print offers different kinds of services and products. This includes, book printing, branding, brochures, business cards, envelopes, flyers, postcards, and posters. These products are custom made and produced with the personal choice of our clients. You can upload your designs in our website, and let our company do the nest steps and finish your orders with satisfactory rate at the end. Ready Steady Print offers an immeasurable positivism with regards on customer service. If you have an existing account in our website, you can directly log in your username account and upload your customized design. If you still don’t have an existing account in our site, you can sign up and let our account managers to discuss you all the good benefits you can get in signing up in our online printing company.

Ready Steady Print Company also gives our avid clients a different and professional tip on how to advertise your business trough your promotional tools designs and lay-outs. We offer up to date advertising tips depending on what’s hot and what’s not in the business industry. Also, our company assures you that you can always have the perfect suggestions and samples of our brochure, stickers, and business cards, posters, and postcards designs. We also offer some freebies like stickers for free stuffs, and so fort. Our printing services team will give you the high class services on all your orders no matter what the volume is. In Ready Steady Print, we are ready to give everything our clients wanted to help you with your business ventures.

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Student’s Gun Printing Plan Thwarted

We’ve all heard of business card, calendar and brochure printing. There’s printing of books, envelopes and posters. But the desire to be a printer of a different kind has landed a 24-year-old University of Texas undergraduate in hot water. Cody Wilson is a founder of Defense Distributed — a group that aims to produce a “fully-printable gun comprised of near 100 percent printable parts” to disseminate online. However, 3D print company Stratasys has thwarted his plans by confiscating one of its devices, a uPrint SE, after it found he did not have a federal firearms manufacturers’ licence. Stratasys reasoned that made his printed project illegal. However, Wilson is unlikely to give up on his plans to produce a printed gun, having already stated his desire to also produce ammunition in a similar manner. “3D printable ammunition would be a joy to pursue,” he said.



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6 Ways to Market Yourself When Job Hunting

Job hunting can be a daunting prospect for even the most confident of individuals, but there are some basic secrets to keep in mind and use to ensure that you stand out from the bunch. In this article, we’ll look at the best ways to market yourself while job hunting, from knowing your strengths and performing the appropriate research to resume writing and business card printing .

1. Know yourself

In order to succeed in the job market, you need to first assess yourself and be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. There’s no point in applying for a job that doesn’t match your talents, skills and interests; instead, find jobs that play to your strengths and make sure they’re the ones you apply for. By marketing yourself in this direction, you’ll find yourself feeling more comfortable, more rewarded and, thus, more likely to succeed.


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Flyer Printing 101

Flyer Printing 101


Flyers may only be single pieces of paper that we often see littered all over the public places but you should still not be discouraged to print your own flyers for your business and decide that yours will end up on the pavements too just because of those things.

What you can actually do is look at those flyers closely and think of what makes them similar to each other and do not do that on your own promotional paper. The reason for this is maybe because those alikeness are what brought them to the floor, unread and always stepped on by a lot of passersby, and you MUST stir clear away from such things.

The way you print and what you print in your flyer is two of the main things that you should now be formulating in your mind since these are what entices the crowd and what gives information to people, respectively.

At this moment, I am going to try to give you some pointers on this matter according to the parts of a flyer that is mostly seen by others.


Your title is the first thing that a person will look at. He’ll want to know what the advertisement is for and remind yourself that you cannot put a title like “do you know the ways to…?” because by seeing the word “ways” it will already give him an idea that he’s reading a lecture and not a promotional ad, so your title MUST be catchy, unique and, if you’re looking for adult audience, sexy.


You are going to print a flyer, not a story, so it should only contain details that are relevant for them while still maintaining its lightness or mysteriousness (if that’s what your product is for). Talk about the pros of your product in short, cool words.


If your flyer does not look good enough to other people, maybe they won’t even get it from you, and that’s what we want to avoid. Use bright colors and graphics so individuals will like to read it.

Testimonials (optional)

If there’s enough space, you can also put testimonials on your flyer but only pick the ones that are not too long.

Remember, guys and gals, for your flyer to be good, make it short BUT sweet.



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The attitude of a printing company that you should avoid

We all know that in any marketing strategy that you’re going to apply you need to spend money and you need to give time and effort as well. Now, what are the things that you need to consider so you are sure that you are in a right place and you are doing the right strategy for your business? If you had chosen to use printing materials such as flyers, business cards for your marketing strategy, do you know how essential is the role of a printing company that you will choose to handle the marketing materials that you will need?

Today, all companies promises and telling you that they are the best and they offer only the best services. With this fact, what do you think that you can do to avoid trusting the wrong company and avoid wasting any money?

Let me tell you some facts that you need to avoid and watch out for a company that might suck all your money without giving you any positive result.

  • A company who only goes for big orders and ignoring those small orders. It is sad that there are many companies out there who are very selfish that only concern on how much they will earn from you, so they prioritize those people with large orders, now if ever that you encountered those companies because for sure they work fro themselves only.
  • Another thing that you should avoid is a company that promises many things and most of it is so good to be true. So if ever that you encountered any of those companies beware they might cause you more money and more negative results.

These two things are very true so don’t waste your time dealing with these companies because it wil give you headache and lots of trouble.

Ready steady print is free from those things because we only wants the best for you and we only offer superb online printing services with guaranteed fast results.

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Make Your Business Cards Better Than the Competition

Often the business card is  viewed as the first impression about you, your business and all of the  products and services. Make sure that impression will be a lasting and favourable one by creating a card that matches your character. Business cards printing is always best left to a online printing company for a polished and professional finish. Printing your own cards may not result in the quality look you are after.

To stand out from the competition it is necessary to know how they present their companies by way of logos and brand name themes. Check colour schemes and look for something unique in a design that is completely different to your rivals.

The following gives some of the best tips to produce a card that will stand out from your competitors and some ideas for when and how to use your cards.


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Book Output Up, But Revenues Down

In a sign of the changing times in the book printing industry, one British subsidiary has substantially increased its output, but has still seen revenues fall. St Ives book printing subsidiary Clays increased its output by around half a million books in 2011/12, but revenue fell by 2.7 per cent. Although the number of orders rose significantly (the number of book orders processed was up by 13 per cent), the size of average print runs dropped by a substantial 11 per cent. The change of mix is considered to be driving operational inefficiency because run lengths are getting shorter, which is impacting on margins. Although margins in book printing were down year-on-year, St Ives does not believe the end of the traditional paper book is near. There had been some impact from ebooks, but this was not considered significant, and numerous other factors were contributing.



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