How To Get Sponsors For Your Child’s Sports Team

There is nothing better for your kid than getting them involved in sports and team activities, so if your child expresses an interest in a sport you should do everything you can to be supportive. Getting a sponsor or two for your kid’s team is a great way to encourage the whole team as well as possibly make it a little cheaper for everyone involved. The following are some great tips for finding those elusive sponsors.

Decide What You Want

Have a meeting with all the other parents and identify items or services that you think would be of benefit for the team. Sponsorships can be in many different forms, from cash to snacks to free laundry services, so be creative in thinking up your wish list. This is also a good time to ask around and see if anyone has any great inside contacts at places that may be able to sponsor the team.

Be Professional

If you really want to get some sponsors you are going to have to take your efforts seriously and be professional. Make up a basic letter requesting donations and have a few different versions so you can tailor your message depending on whom you are sending it to. Having a team business card will help make you are the team look more serious, so go to your local printing services and get some fancy business card printing done. It is also a good idea to create a team email so that you can have one more way for people to contact you.

Target The Locals

Make a point of targeting local businesses as not only should they be more likely to want to support the local team, but they are possibly people who know who you are or even have kids in the team as well. It will also be easier picking up any donations locally, for instance if you end up getting fruit donated for each weeks’ game.

Offer Something In Return

Don’t just demand money and services, it’s important that you offer something in return, even if it’s only small. For a large sponsorship you could put a patch on your kids jerseys, or you can even just make up a big banner advertising all your sponsors that you bring along each week and put up at the game. No matter whether you get lots of sponsors or not, make a point of sending a thank you letter to anyone who responds to your request. Your polite response will make it easier if you need to ask for help at a future time.

Make It Easy For People To Help You

Be flexible as to how people can sponsor your team as you may be offered help in a way you hadn’t considered. Pretty much anything will help, so while it’s definitely great to suggest ways for people to help, make it clear that you will accept almost any kind of help.

Getting sponsors for your kid’s sports team will make you a hero to your kids and the local community, so don’t get sit there, go get some sponsors!

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